VIP Toilets For Sale In South Africa

VIP Portable Trailer Toilets are flushable loos that make it convenient, safe and hygienic to manage and dispose of waste without the compromise on health and safety. These units are easy to transport and should be used on flat and sturdy surfaces to avoid trailer from moving. Thee portable toilets facility is the best sanitary solution that can be used at events, rural areas, outdoor events, festivals or at industrial or construction sites. Also available in: White only

VIP Portable Toilets For Sale in South Africa Online

These portable toilets provide a deluxe experience when it comes to using this basic facility. Our portable toilets meet the optimum user requirements and have been designed using the best industry materials, technologies and practices.

Our double unit consists of a male and female toilet cubicle that is powered by the battery and operates on solar power too.

These units make working on movie sets, industrial or construction sites, festivals or camping areas much more convenient. Contains a waste drum of 160-litre capacity and should be assembled on any flat and dry surface to ensure it remains safe in place during use.

Why You Buy Our VIP Portable Toilets

Our VIP toilets for sale consist of hand sanitizer with a wet wipe dispenser for safe hygiene and prevention of spreading of harmful bacteria. It also contains a mirror with a light and a convenient vanity slab table. It is also well ventilated with a single window, anti-slip flooring an exterior fitted steps to access the cubicle.

  • Heavy Duty
  • High Quality
  • Easy Waste Disposal
  • Robust
  • Flushing System
  • Double-Axle

Our VIP toilets for sale provide the safest, sterile and sanitary solution at an affordable price.

VIP toilets trailer Specs

Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 1.25 X 1.1 X 2.25 metres
Color White Only
Size Standard
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