Portable Toilets For Sale

Our Portable Toilets for sale consist of flushable and non-flushable loos that make it convenient, safe and hygienic to manage and dispose of waste without the compromise on health and safety. These units are easy to transport and should be used on flat and sturdy surfaces. These portable toilets  facility is the best sanitary solution that can be used at events, rural areas, outdoor events, festivals or at industrial or construction sites.

Portable Toilets Manufacturers South Africa

Our portable toilets are designed these toilets to suit the user requirements. If you are working on construction sites, outdoor festivals or caravan parks then these are some ideal uses for it. Our portable toilets for sale are practical, mobile and made from weather-resistant materials. Ideal for all types of functions from private to corporate.

  • Heavy Duty
  • High Quality
  • Easy Waste Disposal
  • Toughness
  • Flushing System with lever
  • Sturdy Structure

Our mobile toilets are convenient, mobile, and practical at outdoor events, festivals, charitable events, refugee camps, and construction sites. Order in bulk and get these toilets at low prices.

Portable Toilets for Sale Durban South Africa

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